We need to examine the driving habits of our young drivers

We need to examine the driving habits of our young drivers. They are victims of technology and are causing accidents in epic proportions due to inattention.  Most of the inattention is due to their connection to hand help devices.  Texting and driving are a toxic combination that have caused countless accidents on our streets.

Stricter enforcement is necessary to make these drivers acutely aware of the dangers of texting and driving.  Pedestrian knockdowns (in crosswalks) are mounting due to drivers focusing on the completion of their texts.  What was once a sacred area, the crosswalk has become target practice for drivers who text.

In my completely unscientific observation, young drivers are also accustomed to speed insofar as they play video games which simulate super speeds.  As they drive their cars, these young drivers seem to be in “game mode” and disregard the speed limit.

Perhaps it is the “I” generation mentality – Iphones, Ipads, Itunes – that makes young drivers feel empowered.  They seem to behave as though they were the only driver on the road – the “I-drivers.”

It is a compelling issue that we need to address in our community.  We need to contact our local police in the interest of reducing auto, motorcycle, and pedestrian accidents. Such accidents affect so many families and the injured person is unable to support their families after such accidents.  This has a rippling economic and emotional impact on Staten Island.

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