Warning to Drivers who text / drive and injure my clients

Driving and texting will soon surpass Driving While Intoxicated as the leading cause of accidents on the Island.  Of course, this is in my completely unscientific opinion (but us rather based on my observation as a practicing Personal Injury lawyer).

So many of my newer clients (especially pedestrians) have suffered at the hands of drivers who are addicted to their Smart Phones.  Drivers will classically be making a turn into a crosswalk and be looking down at their phones (while completely ignoring a pedestrian who is lawfully present in the crosswalk).

Drivers beware! I will subpoena your phone records and cross-reference them with the time and date of your accident.  You can run but cannot hide from digital proof !  These records are routinely exchanged between attorneys in the course of litigation and are used to prove that a driver was distracted while using their telephones.

Jurors frown upon such reckless behavior and will surely punish you at trial if you have been texting and driving. Your loss at trial will become Internet News forever (especially when it comes to renewing your automobile liability policy!) This means that you will pay higher premiums and will suffer for that one moment when you texted and drove your car.

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