Visiting law student from Mexico provides his perspective on American legal system

My name is Sergio Leal Santibañez, I’ll be writing this blog by the invitation of Advocate Charles C. De Stefano, which is located in Staten Island works with clients who speak Spanish or English, a lawyer with extensive experience moré than 20 years experience.

I am a student of the career of law at the Autonomous University of Puebla, and I am part of an internship program developed by my university where students from different careers were sent to various CBO’s in New York City.


I was assigned to Staten Island Community Job Center soon to be called “La Colmena”, as its name indicates this organization is located in Staten Island, in the organization we are dedicated to helping the community of day laborers, informing them of their rights as workers, and the development of a workplace in which they can help get employers. Another area in which they work in the organization is preparing the community to implement DACA permission helping them with their documents, also it has a transnational project called “nani” where migrants gather with their families, as many have years of not seeing their families in Puebla, this project this reunion of families is achieved. My stay in New York is 4 months reach the city on January 15 and will return on 20 May to Mexico to graduate and obtain a law degree. Since January I’ve been noticing several similarities as well as differences in lifestyles in Mexico and the United States, several situations that I will comment on the following blogs. I hope the information and opinions expressed in these blogs is to help the community and give a perspective of law and life in general of a Mexican student developing their professional practices in New York.

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