Vacation plans? Remember that laws vary state to state . . . and in other countries, too

If you have vacation plans, be aware that the things that are taken for granted in New York do not always apply to other states and countries.  You may (for example) believe that you are a safe and law abiding driver in New York, only to later find that another state has Vehicle & Traffic Laws that differ from here.

Driving only 5 miles per hour in certain parts of in Phoenix, Arizona may result in you receiving a speeding  ticket.  On their highways the local government has placed “speed devices” that detect your speed and photograph your license plate.  You have receive a letter from your car rental agency months later requesting payment for speeding.

In Montana,  the state speed limit is 75 miles per hour.  However, if you travel slower than 45 miles per hour, you may be surprised to find that you are violating the law for “traveling too slowly” on a highway.

The legal limits to drink and driver vary from state to state and country to country.  In  New Jersey, the legal overall limit is .08% and is treated as a civil violation (not a crime) if there are no serious injuries or deaths reported.  In New York, the same violation is treated as a crime.

In Europe, some countries, such as Hungary and Romania, have a zero tolerance for blood alcohol content. If you are going to the Himalayas, you may find it strange that there is NO limit for drinking and driving.

Marijuana use in Amsterdam is permitted in special “tabac” lounges.  Conversely, a man in Malaysia was executed for possessing 1.25 kilograms of marijuana.

Carrying an open container of beer in New York City can result in a summons and fine of $50.  In Russia, it is common to observe ordinary citizens consuming beer on subways.

My advice is to be prudent and to not take for granted that laws are different outside of New York.

If you are involved in an accident outside of New York, you should consult with your New York lawyer.  You New York lawyer may research your best option to choose a lawyer under these circumstances.

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