The use of cell phone while driving is very dangerous and is a cause of many accidents


The use of cell phone while driving is very dangerous and is a cause of many accidents around the world. Just distracting the view for a few seconds from the road can cause an accident that can cost your life, and the life of others involved in the accident.

Additionally, you may be subjected to receiving a summons for a traffic infraction which may result in “points” against your drivers license and a monetary fine.

When distracting the view of the road, the driver loses time to react, to brake or to  notice a STOP sign or a traffic light. Using the phone while driving is a serious problem around the world. Processing information by sending a message or performing another activity with the phone reduces the concentration on the road and any obstacles that may be encountered while driving.

There are even people who use the phone with both hands leaving the steering wheel for a few seconds free, this being too high risk in case of having to dodge some obstacle, or in case some clueless pedestrian appears on the road.

During a phone call we also distract our attention from the sounds that are important while driving, such as the sound of a horn, or the sound of an ambulance.

Avoid accidents and do not use your phone while driving, place your phone out of reach and if possible before driving put it in silence. If you take a companion when driving, it is strongly advised to give the passenger the phone to answer your calls or your messages in case of being urgent, never take your attention off the road.

In case of having an urgent message or call,  it is preferable to look for a place to park for a few moments, to answer after this you can continue driving.

The cell phone is also a distractor for pedestrians. By placing their attention entirely on the phone pedestrians lose sight of street crossings, traffic lights and vehicles approaching dangerously.

Many people use headphones when walking, this added to walking while texting, distracts the pedestrian from the sound of some horn at traffic lights and crossings, causing in many cases accidents due to the distraction of the pedestrian.

Avoid using the phone while driving or walking is a very distracting and it can cost your life. For your safety, keep the phone away during these activities.