Traffic infractions issued at scene of an accident can damage your personal injury case

The Rules of Evidence permit an adverse party (viz-a-vis, the other driver!) to “impeach” you at trial.  This means that they can use any evidence that shows that you are not being truthful or were not in a position to appreciate what occurred, etc.

Impeachment of a witness may include presentation of a criminal conviction to show that you have a propensity to break the rules.  Some judges will permit the use of convictions of traffic infractions if they are directly related to the accident.

For example, if you are cited for failing to yield to the other vehicle – and you admit to that charge or found guilty of that charge, then such infraction will most certainly damage your testimony on the issue of liability.

If you are issued a summons at the scene of an accident, do not take it lightly.  You should hire an attorney to represent you in Traffic Court.  If you ignore the ticket, you may pay for this down the road when pursuing a claim for personal injuries.

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