Tenacity is the most important quality to settle a lawsuit

Your lawyer needs certain tools to help you resolve your accident case.   Of course,  the records and photographs and witness statements are the vital tools needed to understand your case.  You need to be able to understand the medical language and the implications of the diagnosis (e.g., are the injuries likely to be “permanent” in nature).

But most importantly, a lawyer must be able to use skills that are not learned in a courtroom.  The lawyer must be able to communicate well and be able to make a point that is easily understood.  You need a lawyer who never stops working hard until he gets the desired result.  Tenacity is an innate talent that you cannot learn in school and is something that reflects the inner spirit.

An experienced Personal Injury lawyer must have the tenacity to convince insurance adjusters, juries, and judges that you have been injured and you deserve to be compensated.

It is important to study the background of your attorney and determine if he has a life experience that reflects an understanding of people.  Does your lawyer involve himself in community affairs? Has he been selected by members of the community and in government to participate in important community affairs? You want an attorney who has been trusted to be part of an organization that makes decisions that help the community.  Those characteristics are a reflection of the attorney’s position in the community and his ability to rise above others.

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