The NEW Richmond County Courthouse

Staten Islanders now have a courthouse that addresses the needs of 21st Century litigants.  Most courtrooms have state of  the art 72 inch HD Television screens that can be used to display important evidence, as well as individual HD television monitors for each juror.

The acoustics are fantastic and permit jurors to hear the testimony of the parties without having to strain.  This means that jurors will not miss important evidence as they listen to testimony.

The general facilities (e.g., the parking garage, the bathrooms, the elevators) are of the highest standards and reflect a positive and serious image to jurors.  This translates to fair results for our clients.  When jurors are more comfortable and have a perception that they are in a serious setting, they tend to deliberate and make decisions in a fair way. (As compared to the old courthouse which was too warm in the summer, too cold in the winter, and noisy year round!)

I believe that the money was well spent and will serve to provide justice to all Staten Islanders.