Staten Island pedestrians are invisible to reckless drivers

We live on an island that requires most of us to travel by car (versus public transportation).  This is a “Driving Culture” that sometimes ignores the rights of pedestrians.  Conversely, for those living in Manhattan or Brooklyn, drivers are aware of the sanctity of the crosswalk.

Pedestrians need to make themselves aware as they are traversing our streets.  It is recommended that a pedestrian try to make eye contact with drivers, or perhaps raise their hand as they cross the street.  I actually carry a blaze orange vest in my hand as I walk my dog each morning and night.  I try to make myself obvious when I see a car nearing me.

I was recently retained by a woman who was crossing in a crosswalk with the green light in her favor; despite undertaking all caution, she was struck by a driver who stated “I did not see (my client).”  This is a common refrain with Island drivers.  We all need to make ourselves acutely aware of the fact that we are a growing community and that pedestrians are on our streets.

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