Small Claims Court: The “People’s Court”

Small Claims Court is part of the “Civil Court / City of New York” system that permits plaintiffs to sue defendants for most matters involving less than $5,000.00

You do not need an attorney (nor do you need to have any legal education).  In fact, if both sides are represented by attorneys,  the judge will not permit the matter to continue in Small Claims Court.

The fees are between $15 and 20 (depending on the amount that you are suing for).

You may present evidence such as photos, maps, receipts, as well as bring in witnesses on your behalf (including yourself). You may ask to present your case before a judge, but your case will be heard quicker if you agree to use an arbitrator.  (Using a judge may allow you to appeal the decision in the event that you choose to do so).

Some examples of Small Claims cases include a worker who is not paid by his employer, a person whose car is damaged in a car accident, and when a neighbor’s negligence causes property damage to your home.

For more information, please go to this website:

Small Claims Information

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