Safety concerns during the holiday season

There are safety issues that we should be conscious of during the holidays and some simple tips could save lives.

For those who have Christmas trees, always unplug the lights before going to bed.  Faulty electrical cords, tree lights, etc., along with proximity to flammable materials (wrapping paper, cotton bedding under tree) are dangerous.

Candles are one the top reasons for house fires.  Never leave a candle unattended and always extinguish them before leaving a room.

Cooking with guests, especially children, can present a potentially dangerous scenario.  Ask your guests to remain outside of the cooking area and create barriers for children (e.g., gates, chairs, to prevent children from entering cooking areas).

Lastly, do not endanger others by drinking and driving.  You need to be aware of the amount of alcohol that you consumed before driving.  Your holidays could be in jail (or a funeral home!)

Wishing you the best for the holidays!

Charles DeStefano

Attorney at Law

Specializing in all matters concerning injured persons, motor vehicle accidents, slip and falls, trip and falls, construction accidents, etc.

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