Reflections of a Mexican law student – Traveling to US with a visa

To visit the United States a Mexican citizen has the option to travel with a visa, there are different types of visas to visit the United States. The most common is B1 / B2 visa which is for tourism or business, this visa is the most processed for vacations, and travel for a short period of time to the United States, after being admitted, this visa is usually issued for a term of 10 years, allowing stays in the United States for up to six months, it is important not to exceed this time in the country since there is a risk that the visa is canceled and the person could be banned from the United States for a period of 5 years. After this 5 years of ban this situation complicates the process of applying again for a visa, so it is not advisable to exceed the six months within the country. Another type of visa, is the F visa for students, for this visa is required to be admitted by any educational institution in the United States, which sent a letter of acceptance and must make a registration of foreign student (SEVIS), this information should be presented the day of the interview at the American embassy in Mexico or any other country where you applied. After being admitted or denied for the visa, the duration is the same of school course or program. After completion of the program the student will have 60 additional days to stay in the United States. It is equally important not to exceed the time limit granted by the visa because the consequences may include the cancellation of the visa and being refused the entry to the United States for some time.

One more option are work visas for which depending on the type of work you should prove that the work to be performed in the United States can’t be done by any American citizen based on the area of knowledge, the activities and preparation of the candidate for the visa.

It is important to mention that an illegal immigrant or any person with a record of being inside the United States without immigration status cannot apply for any visa.

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