Pro Bono is good for the soul!

Lawyers are given a license to solve people’s problems and also earn money while doing so.  It is a unique and coveted license in our society because it is the only profession designed to resolve everyday problems.

I am a “holistic lawyer,” i.e., one who cares not only about winning, but also cares about my client’s health.  I believe that my client’s deserve the best health care and should make their best efforts to restore their health.  Once in a while, a person calls me and needs my help, but they do not necessarily have a case.  I always like to provide advise to guide them in the process of obtaining insurance. My goal is to make sure that they have an opportunity to be insured and to receive quality medical care.

I will spend time with people who call me even if they do not have a case.  I will give them basic advice on how to apply for No fault (for example).  This is the right thing to do.

For over 20 years I have availed myself to the community to help people who are in crisis.  It is not always about earning a fee, rather my first obligation is to use my law license to help the disadvantaged, the disenfranchised, and the underdog.