Preserve all evidence following an accident – e.g., photos, videos, clothing, etc

After having been involved in an accident, preserving evidence of the accident may be the last thing on the mind of an injured person.  The injured person is focusing on their pain, not a lawsuit.

However, you should be aware that ocular proof best satisfies the burden of proof that is upon the injured person when making your claim to  insurance companies, judges, and juries,

Taking photographs of the accident scene (e.g., position of the vehicles in an automobile accident) is useful to show points of impact, roadway layout, and gives the finder of fact a general idea of the way the scene looked on the date of the accident.

Videos (a standard application on most phones today) can capture a “live” image of the scene, and occasionally it can provide added proofs that only a 21st Century client could imagine.  For example, a video might capture the defendant driver making statements are admissions of fault or negligence.

Photographs or videos are your best witness!

Lastly, if you slip and fall, you must save the clothing that you were wearing at the time of the accident.  Shoes (especially) may provide forensic proof (e.g., floor wax, motor oil, etc) that could make of break your case.

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