Pedestrians Beware – Fall is the most dangerous season for those on foot

The American Automobile Association used to send out alerts (that were in the the form of bumper stickers!) that said “Schools Open – Drive Carefully.” It was no coincidence that the warnings were announced in September, the beginning of the Fall season.

The suns sets earlier and that means that visibility is diminished.  Even with Daylight Savings Time, the sky becomes eerily dark by late November.  Also, for some inexplicable reason, Fall fashion colors are usually limited to dark colors.  The combination of these factors result in less visibility for drivers (and dangerous conditions for pedestrians).

Also, leaves that have fallen from trees can create slick conditions for vehicles.  Cars that attempt to stop suddenly are most certainly at a disadvantage compared to stopping on clean asphalt.

Daylight Savings Time, especially in the days following the changing of the clocks, may result in driver fatigue, especially later in the day.  Out natural cicadian rhythms are disrupted and this could contribute to a slower reaction to pedestrians.

The bottom line is that we should all exercise extra caution as we drive on our roadways during the Fall season.

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