Outline of a Lawsuit – Part 26 – Presenting your case on the issue of “Damages”

Let’s be honest – Jurors are performing their civic duty reluctantly.  They need to leave their jobs, family,  and their daily routine to listen to disputes between complete strangers.  Generally speaking, they would rather not be in the courthouse performing jury duty.

Therefore, as a trial lawyer, the onus is upon you to make their experience somewhat informative and entertaining.  You need to make them pay attention and delve into the facts.

One of the tactics to draw their attention is to present your case in a 21st Century way.  As often as possible you should use digital images and videos to give them ocular proof.  Models of body parts that are the subject of your case should be used.  Graphics prepared by medical experts should be presented to educate the jury as to what the injuries look like and how they were treated.

There are companies that will prepare an artist’s rendition of your client’s specific injuries, surgeries, treatments, etc.  It is well worth the cost to obtain these items to be used to illustrate the injuries, etc.

Also, you can retain the services of an accident reconstruction expert when necessary.  These experts, usually engineers, are able to look at all evidence (photos of damage, observing actual damage, etc) and read testimony in order to arrive at an opinion as to how an accident took place.  They can prepare maps, models, and illustrations that are helpful to understand their expert opinion.

You should definitely present important segments of handwritten medical / hospital records that support your client’s case on damages. Scan the important portions of the hospital records and present them on a large screen in the courtroom.

Keep your jurors interested! If you want them to appreciate your position, be sure to present your evidence in a most spectacular way!

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