Not injured / No Case. . . however, you can receive other benefits

Sometimes I counsel potential clients and we discover that the person does not qualify to bring a lawsuit. There are various reasons that a person may not bring a lawsuit, including the fact that they were fully responsible for the accident, that there is no viable defendant to sue, that defendant has no insurance (in non-automobile related accidents), etc.

I still try to lend assistance to people who are unable to commence a lawsuit by advising them as to what potential insurance benefits may be available to them.  (For the record, I tell ALL potential clients that their health trumps their lawsuit! Doctor first, lawyer second! They need to work on recovering from their injuries and place their lawsuit in a secondary priority).

Workers Compensation will generally provide a lost wage benefit, as well as covering all hospital, medical, surgical, and pharmaceutical costs.

No Fault covers lost wages, all medical, therapy, surgery, etc. as well as a “miscellaneous expense” of $25 per day for a variety of reasons, including out of pocket expenses to pay a cleaning service, a dog walker, landscaper, etc.

Lastly, in the event a person suffers an injury in an accident not related to work or an auto (e.g., slip and fall in a supermarket), liability carriers often have a clause in their policies called “Med Pay” (“medical payment”).  It usually extends to all out of pocket expenses and the limits are usually no greater than $5,000.  It is worth the effort to seek this “Med Pay” coverage, especially if you do not qualify to have a lawsuit