“Mediation” is a tool to settle your case

There are many ways to achieve your goals as a lawyer and mediation offers a quick and affordable way to resolve your case.

Mediation is a process by which a retired judge (or lawyer) who is trained to resolve cases in an expeditious manner.  There are companies that hire mediators to be on their corporate list.  Your lawyer usually chooses one or two from the list and the other attorney usually agrees to one of the mediators.

The litigants make an appointment to see the mediator after they have exchanged all records and documents to support their cases.  At the mediation, both sides have an opportunity to explain their case.  The mediator then attempts to bring both sides together.  He or she generally recommend a dollar amount to resolve the case.

Many times this process results in a settlement. The litigants save thousands of dollars and years of time if a case settles at mediation.


Charles DeStefano has participated in hundreds of mediations and can help resolve your case in an expeditious manner.  Call his office for more information at 718-390-0580 or 718-ABOGADO.