Su abogado necesita comunicarse con usted! Su abogado es su defensor !


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The word “advocate” is derived from the Latin for “One who is call for to render aid.”  There is no better definition to describe what a lawyer’s responsibilities and duties are to his clients.

We are trained to get you through difficult times such as a accidents which render you injured, disabled from work, and in pain.  A lawyer must guide his clients through the maze of forms and applications and help the client to become grounded and back to a sense of normalcy.

When you are injured in a car accident, an accident in a store or other public place, an accident on a construction site, you need to have someone else make decisions that will take you on the path of recovery.  At our Staten Island law firm, we are focused on your healing process and obtaining compensation for the loss you suffered because of your injuries.  Injuries can set you back and cause you to suffer economically – we will help you recover that loss of income or lost wages the moment you arrive in our office.

Let us get you through the tough time following an accident – We have helped over 2,000 clients get back on their feet after accidents.

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