Lawyer and Client: the Dynamics of this unique relationship

When you hire an attorney because you have been injured in an accident, the relationship between you and your attorney is like no other professional relationship.

Firstly, the injured person is focusing on the healing process; at the same time, the insurance companies are sending forms to be signed, sending investigators to ask questions, and calling the client to inquire about the status of their medical treatment.  This can be a very stressful time for a person who has just suffered a serious injury due to an accident.  Injured persons are treated by insurance companies as though they have done something wrong.  (Incidentally, this is why some of my clients say “I’m not the type to sue someone” – they have guilt over making a claim because that is exactly what insurance propaganda has done to our society).

I always say “Doctor first, lawyer second or third” – You must take care of your physical health first, then a lawyer is always there to take care of your “legal health.”  However, you need to see an attorney in order to process your insurance claim, to be sure that your medical and hospital bills will be paid, and to apply for benefits for lost wages.  Your bills will not stop just because you were injured.  You need to see an attorney who handles personal injury cases in order to take the stress away that is related to the process of insurance. In order to heal, you need to focus on your health, NOT pages of forms and phone calls from insurance investigators.

Insurance companies are in a position to confuse you after you have been injured in an accident.  They are not in business of healing you, rather they are in the business of making money.  They make money when they pay you as little as possible.  If you have an attorney who represents injured persons, then you will be protected from insurance companies and their unfair tactics.

Contact me, Charles DeStefano, and I will help you through the stressful time following an accident.  I have 27 years of experience handling accident cases and I truly care about helping you.

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