Jury Duty: A Civic Duty that has an 800 year old tradition

When you receive that notice from court stating that you must appear for jury duty, be sure to remember how important your service as a juror will be to a person who has suffered serious injuries.  Many people have lost time from their jobs (or lost their jobs entirely) and have paid extremely high bills for medical care after their insurance runs out.  A fair amount of these injured persons are continuing to suffer from severe daily pain or are unable to function.

Your jury service will decide the future for those seriously injured in accidents, as well as their families.

The Magna Carta guaranteed an aggrieved person the right to a trial by his peers.  That great document was signed 800 years ago this year! (1215)

We should not allow our fates to be decided by an insurance company or a governmental agency.  We have the RIGHT to a jury trial and we should never let that right diminish!

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