Invest in maintaining your home – it can save you from liability exposure

The simplest maintenance of your property could save you from being sued for negligence.

Carpets (especially on steps) should be immediately repaired as they present a trip hazard.

Sidewalk cracks, fissures, etc. are clearly an accident waiting to occur.  Bear in mind that members of the public use your sidewalk and you have a legal duty to maintain such areas (in New York City if you are the owner of a commercial property, a Three or More Family Dwelling, a school, etc).

Broken pipes, toilets, hot water heaters also can expose visitors to water and thus being a slip hazard.

Lastly, keep your frontage free of snow and ice after storms.  Obviously, the hazards of precipitation are the most common of accidents on sidewalk areas.

A small investment in repairs and maintenance can prevent the stress and potential out of pocket loss in the future.

If you have been injured in a slip and fall, trip and fall, or other similar accidents, please contact the Law Office of Charles DeStefano.