Insurance “Independent Medical Examinations” – They are not “independent,” not “Medical,” and hardly constitute an “Exam.”

I occasionally receive calls from clients who are perplexed with the way they are treated at an Insurance medical examination. The complaints range from “the doctor never even looked at me” to “the doctor was rude.”

When an injured person is pursuing a claim for compensation, the law requires them to submit to an examination by a doctor who is chosen by the insurance company.  Mainly, theses examinations are requested by the defendant’s insurance company or the “No Fault” Insurance company.  


The examination by the “No Fault” doctor is usually a negative experience.   The injured person is left in a Waiting Room for very long periods of time with 20 or more other patients waiting.  The experience is not a positive one.  The staff for these doctors are not there to provide service to a patient, rather they are there to push you through the system of the insurance maze.  You are spoken to gruffly and the staff are not accommodating.

These doctors refer to this examination as an “Independent Medical Exam.”  For the most part, they are rarely “independent” because they are working for an insurance company.  The insurance company is seeking to compensate you for as little as they can and they are interested in seeing a medical report that minimizes your injuries.  The doctors are often rewarded with a full list of new injured persons to see if they comply with the wishes of an insurance company.

The examination is hardly “medical.” They do not usually take a manual examination, yet often they sit across the table and ask the injured person to move their body parts in certain directions (e.g., bending, stretching, etc).  They almost never use medical equipment.  The examinations are usually less than 5 minutes, yet they usually generate a 5 to 10 page report which is intended to defeat you in your quest to be compensated.

Do not despair ! A trained trial lawyer knows how to destroy these doctors in a courtroom! All of the charades and games are discussed openly in front of the jury.  Generally, it is an experienced trial lawyer that knows how to discover the truth and disclose the truth of these so-called doctors.

Contact Charles DeStefano and inquire about his experience in the courtroom.  Ask him for his plan in your case.  He is truly dedicated to helping injured persons win in court.

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