Injured persons need to be protected by our laws

We are entering into a period in our political history in which division of voters and partisanship seems the norm.  The topic in this blog is not about partisan issues, it is about constituent or PEOPLE issues.

As an attorney (and an advocate for injured persons), I believe that is it important to be involved with the political process and to engage our elected officials to follow what is right and just.  We have the right to vote and we also have the right to inform our elected officials about legislation that would protect us.

Recently our State Assembly had an opportunity to mandate that insurance companies ask you to “opt out” of coverage for Uninsured Motorist Protection.  This meant that drivers would have coverage that automatically matched the liability coverage limits, unless the driver affirmatively “opted out.”

If you have been involved in an accident with an uninsured driver and seriously injured, then you might find out when it is too late that your Uninsured Motorist Protection coverage only covers you for the state minimum of $25,000.  Imagine if you were unable to work for a year and you had out of pocket expenses that exceed what is covered under No Fault – that $25,000 will be used and gone in no time.

The law did NOT pass! If the law passed, we would have had peace of mind if a terrible accident with an uninsured driver took place. We are in the hands of unscrupulous insurance companies that are more concerned with profit versus protecting its insureds. It is like leaving the fox in charge of the hen house!

We need to use our vote correctly and be sure that whomever we vote for, that they will carry out their obligation to protect us citizens from injustices and unfair business practices.


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