Injured in a motorcycle accident?

Most of my clients who have been injured in a motorcycle accident are usually safe riders.  They follow the rules of the road and exercise courtesy, more so than the average automobile driver. Naturally, they are true “defensive drivers” due to their immense exposure to injury in an unprotected vehicle.

Unfortunately, riders of motorcycles also suffer the most horrific injuries (e.g., brain injuries, fractured tibia/fibula, fractured femurs, ligament tears of the ankles, knees, etc.).

When representing motorcyclists, I first ask whether they have any type of private health care coverage.  This is because they are ineligible to receive No Fault benefits.  (When the No Fault laws were written, the lawmakers felt that their injuries were usually s serious as to cause financial harm to the No Fault system).

If they have no coverage, I direct them to Medicaid or Medicare, depending on their work status, their residency, etc.  Any emergency medical treatment (e.g., surgery following admission through the E/R) is covered under private health care and /or medicare or medicaid.

I also place motorcycle cases on a “high priority” list in my office.  These cases are pushed faster and further to Court because many of these clients have no safety net to recover their lost pay.  (Medicare and Medicaid do NOT pay lost wages).  I generally alert the other vehicle’s insurance company of the accident within days and place a priority on obtaining my client’s medical records.  I then mail the records and any other positive evidence to the other vehicle’s insurance company via overnight mail.

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