How do I choose a lawyer? How do I choose an Accident Lawyer?

Choosing an attorney is a process that requires investigation and patience.  Most people have rarely needed the services of a lawyer, so when an accident occurs and injury ensues most people are not sure how to choose the right attorney.

Many people (unfortunately) rely on advertisements, billboards, social media ads, newspaper ads, etc.  These advertisements are usually self-serving and reveal very little about the important criteria that a lawyer should be providing to the public.

The first item to consider is whether the attorney practices in an area of law that correlates to your legal question or issue.  If you are in an accident, certainly you would be in a good position to inquire with a Personal Injury lawyer.

The next question is the amount of years practicing in that area of law, followed up by the case results that a lawyer have compiled.  A lawyer must be able to recognize the issues and develop a plan to help you with your specific legal questions.  A lawyer who has handled thousands of personal injury cases is usually in a better position to hone in on the issues related to an accident case.

Injured persons (after narrowing down their search to the items discussed above) should look at whether the attorney has taken cases to trial, whether he or she is involved in the community, and the broad experience that the lawyer has had in his or her life (e.g., do they have special clients? Have they been involved in high profile cases? Have they been nominated to committees or commissions in local government?) The latter will give you an idea of the lawyer’s reputation in the community and among his peers.

Meeting the lawyer is essential to deciding on whether you wish to retain the lawyer.  Like a good doctor, a good lawyer needs good social skills and manners.  A potential client should be treated with the utmost respect.

If you have been involved in a car accident, work related accident, slip and fall, trip and fall, etc, please look at my website and evaluate my based on my credentials and experience.  I would be happy to discuss your case at any time, including weekends, evenings, and after work hours.



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