“Holistic Lawyer” – an attorney who cares about his clients legal AND physical health

I consider myself to be a “holistic lawyer.” A lawyer who has compassion and empathy for his clients who have been injured in an accident.  I wish that all of my clients receive the best health care following an accident.  If they do not heal properly, the results could be catastrophic.

I encourage all injured persons to try all methods known to medicine in order to recover from their injuries.  If they have a soft tissue injury (tendons, ligaments, muscles, nerve tissue) I believe that they should seek the opinion of a neurologist and/or orthopedist who can create a plan to improve their health.  They may recommend physical therapy, chiropractic, acupuncture, and pain management.  Early intervention seems to be the best solution.  Our body can heal itself, but only to a certain degree.  We should undergo all types of achievement in order to assist the body in its healing process.

As a “Holistic Lawyer,” I also do not encourage clients to seek treatment when they are no longer injured.  I believe that it is bad karma to undergo treatments in order to make their case seem better.  Firstly, there are many injured persons who could benefit from that therapy.  A person who uses that appointment and is not injured is clogging up the system.

I always say to new clients that I hope that they heal and feel better soon. I want them to have their health restored – and if that means that they will not have a case,  that is fine.  I would rather have a healed client than one who is unable to work, to play with their children, and to perform  the usual activities of life.

If a client is injured, they can count on me and my staff to protect them and their families while they are on the road to healing.