Driving and Texting – Deadly Combo

In my complete unscientific (but on the ground!) observation, it seems as though  texting and driving is the perceived cause of many accidents, especially those auto accidents involving pedestrians.

Pedestrians seem to not be attentive to the color of the traffic light, in addition to not staying within the bounds of crosswalks.

Drivers are looking down to reply or send texts, while not observing the rules of the road.  Often they are failing to yield to pedestrians and causing serious injury to those who are lawfully walking in crosswalks.

In order to avoid being in the crosshairs of a lawyer, we must all exercise restraint in using our smart phones.  We should take into account that other drivers or pedestrians are expecting us to follow the rules of the road.

Please wait until you have arrived at your destination and are fully stopped before you reply to a text.  It is the responsible thing to do.

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