Courtesy, honesty, and directness: Formula for Success in Courtroom

An Accident Lawyer has the obligation to serve his clients zealously.  The word “zeal” means “great energy in pursuit of a cause.”

When I am in the courtroom, my years of directness, courtesy, and honesty with other accident lawyers, court employees, and judges has given me the opportunity to represent my clients with “zeal.” I am trusted among my colleagues and that means that my clients are given the benefit of I am proud to say that my word is golden and I believe that my reputation has enabled me to achieve my goal to represent clients and win their cases.

For example, when I request a certain amount of money from an insurance company, I believe that my request is taken seriously because I have always worked in an honest and forthcoming way.

I do not consider insurance lawyers to be my enemy, rather they are just my adversary. As an officer of the Court, we are required to treat our adversaries with respect and courtesy.

However, once I am in the courtroom, I will do everything that is necessary to fight for my clients.  I will highlight my clients’ cases and will show the judge or jury the strong points of my clients’ cases.  This includes investing the time and money into the presentation of the case (including videos, photographs, and medical illustrations which depict my clients’ injuries in the clearest way).

I call it “holistic law” and that includes using positive methods to achieve my goals.  It is all about winning, as long as you do so using the truth as your sword!