Convincing jurors of your disability

When we refer to the “venue” of a case, we mean the county courthouse where the case will be decided.  Because each county has different demographics (e.g., owners of homes versus renters of homes, cultural differences, age differences) that means that each county will have its own “personality.”

Depending on the county where your case is located (the “venue”), your jury will either be more empathetic to injured persons, or not.  Of course there is no science to this posit, but the rule of thumb is that Kings (Brooklyn) and Bronx are most favorable to injured persons and Richmond (Staten Island), New York (Manhattan), and Nassau are least favorable.

A Manhattan juror with a high income job with benefits that will adequately cover lost wages will have less sympathy for a person who lost 3 weeks pay due to injuries sustained in a car accident.  However, a Bronx juror who works two jobs to pay his rent understands that every cent counts.

My job as your trial lawyer is to convince a potential juror that 1) you are injured and have suffered a loss and 2) you deserve to be compensated for your loss.

I try to relate my client to the jurors – i.e. – I personalize the client by letting the jurors know about the client’s family, his or her interests, his or her daily life before the accident, the type of job the client had, etc.  Also, using medical illustrations and photos of the client’s injuries are helpful to convince jurors that you have suffered greatly due to the defendant’s negligence.

Preparing a client for trial includes highlighting the injuries, specifying how the injury caused an impairment or disability, and having the client talk about the everyday things that he or she cannot do as a result of the injuries.  We go over the client’s medical records and talk about the treatments that the client was given.  Evidence of gym memberships that were cancelled, jobs that were lost, business opportunities that never happened : these are some ways to convince juries that the client deserves to be compensated.

If you are an injured person, I can share my plan to help you through the process of a lawsuit.  I am an experienced accident lawyer with 26 years of practice in that area of law.

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