Conflicts of Interest between passengers and drivers

On some occasions I have had a roomful of potential clients who were involved in the same automobile accident.  Recently, I spoke with a man who was a passenger with 5 of his friends who were also passengers in a van.  The 6th friend was the driver.

Their van passed a stop sign and was struck by another vehicle.  I was asked if I could represent all of the passengers AND the driver.  I advised them that I was only able to represent either the driver or all of the passengers, but not both.

The reason I could not represent both driver and passenger is because of a potential conflict of interest. If the driver (for example) is found 1 % or more responsible for the accident, then I would be putting the interests of the driver above the interests of the passenger.  Each client deserves a lawyer’s undivided attention in a case, hence the reason that lawyers are not able to represent multiple clients if a conflict of interest arises.

Theoretically, once a lawyer represents a client, he may not then take on another client that has a conflict of interest.  The notion of “attorney / client privilege” is destroyed if the lawyer crosses the line and takes on a “conflict” case.

At the Law Offices of Charles DeStefano, we are careful to take the interest of each client with special care.  We are concerned about getting the best possible result and we do so by using our years of experience and knowledge.

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