A Commentary by Law Student from Puebla, Mexico on Mexican Prison System

In Mexico is the prisons are run by the government. The government budget for prisons is extremely limited, which causes the prisons in Mexico to be overcrowded. This causes poor living conditions, sometimes accommodating more than 5 inmates in a cell which could be considered inhuman as many of them sleep on the floor. This prison system is administered by public officials, this allows corruption to take over prisons where drug trafficking and the handling of criminal operations from inside prisons is a very common situation.

The lack of staff in prisons causes many prison breaks every year, and major problems as riots in large prisons where violence often cause deaths and many injured.

Another big problem is that there is no division between both inmates waiting for trial and sentenced inmates; they are placed in the same areas of the prisons causing many innocent living with convicted criminals.

Maybe the management of a private prison is a more efficient way to manage these places as some people claim; the main issue really is whether these centers help inmates to go back to society preventing them to repeat their criminal behavior.

In my opinion the prison system in any country rarely meets with the task of reforming inmates, many of these get out to repeat the crimes and sometimes even worse crimes ever.. Life in prison is difficult; this rarely motivates prisoners to change their way of living.

Really what we should do is work on crime prevention, through education, produce jobs, these situations are reflected in the number of crimes that a country has. Education is the best weapon against crime, improving the living conditions of a society reduces the number of people in prisons.

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