Charles DeStefano teaches the Power of Law to students at P.S. 5 in Brooklyn

Today I had the honor of teaching “The Power of Law” to five classes (grades 1 through 5) at PS 5 in Brooklyn! What a great group of young minds! They taught me a few things about the law! I  appointed a “judge,” selected a jury, presented them with evidence, put witnesses on the stand, and completed my entire summation – all in only 20 minutes! I wonder if I could ever do that in “real” life!

As lawyers it is important to remember that we were once kids – and we had dreams! Someone or some experience influenced us all to work as lawyers or in the legal field.  Today, more than one of the students said that being a lawyer “meant that you are there to protect people.” I could not have said it any better.

As one of my last events as President, I would say that today was certainly one of the most moving experience that I have ever had.


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