Charles DeStefano attended Law Day 2015 – celebrating the 800th Anniversary of the Magna Carta

Today I attended the Annual Law Day ceremony in the Supreme Court, Richmond County on behalf of the Staten Island Trial Lawyers Association.  Law Day celebrates the strength of the Rule of Law in this country and how it protects all citizens.

We live in a nation that is governed by the Constitution, a document that guarantees Equal Protection of the Law.  That means that regardless of our occupation, race, religion, age, or income, etc. we are GUARANTEED the same rights as all other citizens.

The US Constitution was modeled after the Magna Carta (which is 800 years old this year!) The Magna Carta provided for full protection of the law to the subjects of King Richard in 1215.  Eight centuries later it is still a powerful document.

The keynote speaker for today’s ceremony was Justice Charles Troia, Acting Justice of the Supreme Court, Richmond County.  Judge Troia stressed the power of the law and how it protects us from discrimination and other wrongs in our society.  All citizens may use the law to undo a wrong.

Judge Judith McMahon presided over this event, which was attended by students from various Island schools.  Law Day is an opportunity to inspire our youth as to the power of the law in our society.

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