Jury Selection – An important civic duty

  Most people cringe when they receive a notice to appear at Jury Duty.  It is a civic duty that interrupts our work and family activities, hence it invokes anxiety. However, when we appear at the courthouse to answer ready for duty, it becomes clear that being a part of … [+]

If you are injured in an accident, use all tools available to you to preserve evidence

If you are injured in a car accident (and able to ambulate, of course) you need to take photos of the damage to your vehicle, as well as the damage to the other vehicle(s) involved, and the general scene of the accident. Any cases involving a a trip and fall … [+]

If you are in an auto accident, take photos of the property damage

In this digital age, it is no surprise to see photographs of damage to vehicles and injuries that were taken at the scene.  People are less punishing when these photographs are presented to juries (or at depositions) since most people carry a smart phone with a camera. It would have … [+]

Injured by a defect (e.g., a crack, depression, hole in the street)?

If you have been injured in an accident in a street in New York City, you need to be aware of the pitfalls of pursuing a claim against the City of New York or other potential defendants. The first item that needs to be investigated is the exact location of … [+]

The Heroin Epidemic impacts many quality of life issues, including car accidents

Our community has been at battle with the scourge of heroin.  It has has affected our lives in so many ways.  Our children are dying at explosive rates  that exceed fatalities from automobile accidents! Violent crimes are on the rise, a likely result of desperate heroin addicts who need a … [+]

Su abogado necesita comunicarse con usted! Su abogado es su defensor !

  The word “advocate” is derived from the Latin for “One who is call for to render aid.”  There is no better definition to describe what a lawyer’s responsibilities and duties are to his clients. We are trained to get you through difficult times such as a accidents which render … [+]

Outline of a Lawsuit – Part 27 – Cross Examination of a Defense Doctor

Most doctors who testify on behalf of defendants (and for all intents and purposes, insurance carriers) are engaging in a lucrative enterprise that barely resembles the practice of medicine. These doctors generally have their own medical or hospital practice and are supplementing their incomes by examining plaintiffs solely for the … [+]

Existen Derechos Humanos los cuales protegen a todo individuo sin importar su estatus migratorio

Muchos migrantes en los Estados Unidos piensan que su calidad de indocumentados, no les permite gozar de ningún derecho en el país, como lo comente en algún blog anterior esto es falso. Existen Derechos Humanos los cuales protegen a todo individuo sin  importar su estatus migratorio. Tanto la Declaración Universal … [+]