Jury Selection – An important civic duty

  Most people cringe when they receive a notice to appear at Jury Duty.  It is a civic duty that interrupts our work and family activities, hence it invokes anxiety. However, when we appear at the courthouse to answer ready for duty, it becomes clear that being a part of … [+]

Vetting an attorney – Questions to ask to decide which attorney is best for your legal issue

Choosing an attorney is not unlike choosing any other professional, with some exceptions.  Here are a few pointers to help you decide how to choose an attorney who is best suited to help you with your legal issues: How many years of experience in a particular field of law does … [+]

Outline of a Lawsuit – Part 27 – Cross Examination of a Defense Doctor

Most doctors who testify on behalf of defendants (and for all intents and purposes, insurance carriers) are engaging in a lucrative enterprise that barely resembles the practice of medicine. These doctors generally have their own medical or hospital practice and are supplementing their incomes by examining plaintiffs solely for the … [+]

Existen Derechos Humanos los cuales protegen a todo individuo sin importar su estatus migratorio

Muchos migrantes en los Estados Unidos piensan que su calidad de indocumentados, no les permite gozar de ningún derecho en el país, como lo comente en algún blog anterior esto es falso. Existen Derechos Humanos los cuales protegen a todo individuo sin  importar su estatus migratorio. Tanto la Declaración Universal … [+]

Outline of a Lawsuit – Part 26 – Presenting your case on the issue of “Damages”

Let’s be honest – Jurors are performing their civic duty reluctantly.  They need to leave their jobs, family,  and their daily routine to listen to disputes between complete strangers.  Generally speaking, they would rather not be in the courthouse performing jury duty. Therefore, as a trial lawyer, the onus is … [+]