Consejos de seguridad al conducir

Para evitar accidentes de tránsito es muy importante tener en cuenta algunos consejos para conducir de forma segura y evitar riesgos en el camino. Siempre tenga en cuenta que los automóviles cuentan con los llamados “puntos ciegos”, se le denomina así a las zonas del automóvil que son de nula … [+]

Invest in maintaining your home – it can save you from liability exposure

The simplest maintenance of your property could save you from being sued for negligence. Carpets (especially on steps) should be immediately repaired as they present a trip hazard. Sidewalk cracks, fissures, etc. are clearly an accident waiting to occur.  Bear in mind that members of the public use your sidewalk … [+]

Trabajar en una excavación puede ser riesgoso ya que muchos accidentes suelen suceder en éste tipo de trabajo

Las excavaciones  son zanjas o depresiones hechas en la tierra formadas debido a la extracción de tierra. Trabajar en una excavación puede ser riesgoso ya que muchos accidentes suelen suceder en éste tipo de trabajo, por lo cual es importante considerar algunas cosas al trabajar en una excavación. Cuando una … [+]

Preserve all evidence following an accident – e.g., photos, videos, clothing, etc

After having been involved in an accident, preserving evidence of the accident may be the last thing on the mind of an injured person.  The injured person is focusing on their pain, not a lawsuit. However, you should be aware that ocular proof best satisfies the burden of proof that … [+]

Ser peatón es el papel más vulnerable en las calles

Ser peatón es el papel más vulnerable en las calles, por lo cual se debe tomar medidas de precaución al caminar por las calles. El peatón puede ser el elemento menos visible para un conductor, por lo que es recomendable siempre mantener una distancia segura de los vehículos que transiten … [+]

Tenant Insurance protects renters in many ways

I often recommend that renters should purchase a Tenant Liability policy to protect their property and lives. This type of coverage is is not prohibitively expensive and the benefits are, by far, very substantial.  Your local insurance agent will be able to sell you the insurance product that suits your … [+]

Exercise caution as you walk in a delineated crosswalk

Mayor DeBlasio has pushed his “Vision Zero” initiative to help prevent pedestrian deaths and injuries. The most dangerous place for pedestrians can be in a crosswalk since drivers often do not see pedestrians due to sun glare, driver distraction, etc.  Once defensive driving was the norm.  Now, due to the … [+]

An accident in which both parties claim to have a “green light” requires an aggressive investigation

Barring an incredible software glitch, a traffic signal can display a green light for only one set of drivers at a time.  However, it is common that following an intersection accident, both parties will (strangely enough) claim that they proceeded on a light in their favor. Chaulk it up to … [+]

Jury Selection – An important civic duty

  Most people cringe when they receive a notice to appear at Jury Duty.  It is a civic duty that interrupts our work and family activities, hence it invokes anxiety. However, when we appear at the courthouse to answer ready for duty, it becomes clear that being a part of … [+]