There are more accidents and deaths of workers in construction than in any other industry

Working in construction is a job that can be risky. There are more accidents and deaths of workers in construction than in any other industry. According to data from the Department of Labor, 5% of workers in the United States work in construction, but hold the 20% of the deaths … [+]

School is back – and the hazards remain – How to protect your child from the dangers that lurk in schools

We are always concerned when we leave our children in the care and custody of bus drivers, teachers, lunch attendants, principals, etc.  Life has its uncertainties (but we cannot be consumed with the unknown and potential dangers of schooling our children; we would live in a state of constant anxiety … [+]

Invest in maintaining your home – it can save you from liability exposure

The simplest maintenance of your property could save you from being sued for negligence. Carpets (especially on steps) should be immediately repaired as they present a trip hazard. Sidewalk cracks, fissures, etc. are clearly an accident waiting to occur.  Bear in mind that members of the public use your sidewalk … [+]

Preserve all evidence following an accident – e.g., photos, videos, clothing, etc

After having been involved in an accident, preserving evidence of the accident may be the last thing on the mind of an injured person.  The injured person is focusing on their pain, not a lawsuit. However, you should be aware that ocular proof best satisfies the burden of proof that … [+]

If you are injured in an accident, use all tools available to you to preserve evidence

If you are injured in a car accident (and able to ambulate, of course) you need to take photos of the damage to your vehicle, as well as the damage to the other vehicle(s) involved, and the general scene of the accident. Any cases involving a a trip and fall … [+]

Sidewalk accidents – Who is responsible for your injuries ?

If you have suffered an injury by falling on a sidewalk defect, you need to be aware of who is responsible for maintaining sidewalks and making proper repairs. In NYC, owners of a 1 or 2 Family residence are NOT responsible to repair cracks or defects in front of their … [+]

Safety concerns during the holiday season

There are safety issues that we should be conscious of during the holidays and some simple tips could save lives. For those who have Christmas trees, always unplug the lights before going to bed.  Faulty electrical cords, tree lights, etc., along with proximity to flammable materials (wrapping paper, cotton bedding … [+]