Preserve all evidence following an accident – e.g., photos, videos, clothing, etc

After having been involved in an accident, preserving evidence of the accident may be the last thing on the mind of an injured person.  The injured person is focusing on their pain, not a lawsuit. However, you should be aware that ocular proof best satisfies the burden of proof that … [+]

An accident in which both parties claim to have a “green light” requires an aggressive investigation

Barring an incredible software glitch, a traffic signal can display a green light for only one set of drivers at a time.  However, it is common that following an intersection accident, both parties will (strangely enough) claim that they proceeded on a light in their favor. Chaulk it up to … [+]

Jury Selection – An important civic duty

  Most people cringe when they receive a notice to appear at Jury Duty.  It is a civic duty that interrupts our work and family activities, hence it invokes anxiety. However, when we appear at the courthouse to answer ready for duty, it becomes clear that being a part of … [+]

What is a “Non Party Witness”?

Since the burden of proof is on the plaintiff (in my firm, usually the injured person), it is best to do a thorough investigation to uncover clear, objective, and compelling evidence. One of the things that makes me happy is when my investigator is able to locate a non-party witness … [+]

If you are injured in an accident, use all tools available to you to preserve evidence

If you are injured in a car accident (and able to ambulate, of course) you need to take photos of the damage to your vehicle, as well as the damage to the other vehicle(s) involved, and the general scene of the accident. Any cases involving a a trip and fall … [+]

If you are in an auto accident, take photos of the property damage

In this digital age, it is no surprise to see photographs of damage to vehicles and injuries that were taken at the scene.  People are less punishing when these photographs are presented to juries (or at depositions) since most people carry a smart phone with a camera. It would have … [+]

Outline of a Lawsuit – The REAL “pre-trial conference” on Day One

After you have spent an entire weekend, 12 hours a day, preparing your witnesses, reading all depositions transcripts, contacted your expert witnesses to schedule their appearance, reviewing police reports, and written a draft of your Opening Statement, you are now ready to have a real trial conference with the judge … [+]

Su abogado necesita comunicarse con usted! Su abogado es su defensor !

  The word “advocate” is derived from the Latin for “One who is call for to render aid.”  There is no better definition to describe what a lawyer’s responsibilities and duties are to his clients. We are trained to get you through difficult times such as a accidents which render … [+]

Not injured / No Case. . . however, you can receive other benefits

Sometimes I counsel potential clients and we discover that the person does not qualify to bring a lawsuit. There are various reasons that a person may not bring a lawsuit, including the fact that they were fully responsible for the accident, that there is no viable defendant to sue, that … [+]