Case Results

$1.1 millionPedestrian knockdown, running outside crosswalk, paraplegia
$450,000Slip and fall on ice resulting in neck injuries, surgery
$900,000Wrist fracture, one rib fracture, with mild head injury
$875,000Fractured orbit; pedestrian knockdown by NYC bus (city appealed and lost)
$1,759,000Man fell off mansard and suffered fractured ribs, fractured tibia/fibula, fractured wrist
$1,100,0007 yr old on bicycle landed straddle on protruding bolt, suffers groin injury
$325,000Motorcyclist slid on grease in gas station w/ closed head injury; no surgery
$1,650,00033 year old man struck from behind by 18wheeler, suffered low back injuries requiring surgery
$450,000Pedestrian knockdown, fractured hip with surgery
$900,000Pedestrian knockdown fractured wrist and 1 rib, concussion with some memory loss
$500,000Mason tripped and fell down on incline suffering a fractured lumbar vertebrae, lip laceration, loose teeth
$220,000Driver rear ended; cervical injuries (w prior cervical injuries) resulting in surgery
$112,500Fractured wrist, slip on dance floor
$300,000 (policy limits)Pedestrian in crosswalk w/ fractured hip & elbow
$100,000Cervical herniated disc, trip and fall on property of US Postal Service ­ prior injuries, surgery
$100,000Policy Ped knockdown, fx ankle w/ surgery
$85,000NYPD P.O. chasing suspect fell into basement window, right shoulder injury
$275,000Construction worker, nail protruded globe, temporarily lost vision in left eye (restored fully w/ surgery)
$280,000Child in house fire w/ minor burns on right arm
$400,000For driver (with pre-exisitng injuries) who re-injured neck in sideswipe and underwent cervical spine surgery
$135,000Plaintiff made left turn in front of NYC Sanitation truck, question of green light; fractured patella
$538,000Trip and fall on broken pavement, fractured hip, surgery
$100,000 (policy)Driver rear ended; neck injury resulting in surgery
$360,000Worker falls on broken scaffold, fractured heel bone
$180,000Client suffered fractured ankle after exiting driveway into oncoming traffic
$125,000Passenger on a plane suffered lumbar herniation after aircraft made hard landing, no surgery
$75,000Fractured tibia ­ pedestrian crossing against red light
$300,000Pedestrian crossing mid street suffered ankle fracture requiring surgery
$65,000Pedestrian in parking lot, foot run over by driver, suffered soft tissue injury to ankle
$175,000Driver in intersection involved in accident with police vehicle suffered hand fractures requiring surgery. Police vehicle claimed it has green light and had its lights and sirens "on".
$97,000Pedestrian struck by hit and run driver suffered fractured humerus
$75,000Pedestrian in crosswalk struck by car, suffered 3 fractured ribs
$115,000Fractured ankle, trip and fall on raised manhole cover
$140,000Truck driver suffered deep contusions requiring surgery after a metal plate on truck bounced up and struck him
$90,000Pedestrian struck in crosswalk and suffered 3 cm laceration on eyebrow and soft tissue injuries
$77,000Trip and fall on sidewalk with torn meniscus requiring surgery
$70,0003 year old boy ran into street to get ball and struck by car; suffered fractured tibia, no surgery
$175,000Pedestrian struck by hit and run driver suffers burns on left calf and torn meniscus, road rash
$250,000Home health aide struck in eye by patient suffers eye injury
$250,000Driver struck by another vehicle who ran stop sign; (had prior injuries) and underwent disc surgery
$150,000Driver rear ended in parking lot suffered torn labrum requiring arthroscopic surgery
$135,000Pedestrian struck by Access A Ride suffered fracture in foot and ankle, no surgery
$100,000Passenger in taxi (unseatbelted) suffers facial injuries
$200,000Door slammed onto client’s finger resulting in loss of digit; client was accomplished piano player
$330,000Driver in parked vehicle struck by tractor trailer underwent arthroscopic knee and shoulder surgery
$100,0003 yr old boy passenger in vehicle struck by drunk, uninsured driver suffered febrile seizure post accident
$175,000Driver struck by hit & run vehicle suffered knee and shoulder injury with arthroscopic surgery
$150,00079 year old client who tripped over cable wire in Lowes and suffered right shoulder injury with surgery
$175,000Driver struck by hit/run vehicle who suffered knee and shoulder injuries with arthroscopic surgery
$265,000For client who tripped and fell on broken pavement and suffered dental injuries and facial cuts