If you are in an auto accident, take photos of the property damage

In this digital age, it is no surprise to see photographs of damage to vehicles and injuries that were taken at the scene.  People are less punishing when these photographs are presented to juries (or at depositions) since most people carry a smart phone with a camera.

It would have been previously considered distasteful for an injured person to have focused on damage to his or her car.  Today is would seem out of place to not take photos at all. Juries would expect to see photographs (and might, conversely, punish a party for failing to take a photo!)

Videos can also be useful in presenting a post-accident scene; however, one should be careful as to not enter into a dialogue while being recorded! Emotions run high and things might be said that could later be regretted (e.g., yelling and cursing at another driver, words of apology not intended to be made, etc).

Take photos of other vehicles that may have stopped to observe the scene.  These drivers may be potential witnesses in your case.  If you see any fixed video surveillance cameras near the scene, photograph them so an investigator can follow up at a later time.

If an adverse party (other driver) is making admissions of guilt at the scene, try to have your smart phone record that person.  (Unfortunately, many a stories have been changed once the police arrive! It is best to memorialize the truth!)

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