Attention All Drivers! You need to raise your “Hit & Run” auto insurance coverage!

Did you know that if you are injured due to the negligence of a driver that leaves the scene of an accident (and cannot be identified) that your own insurance coverage may cover you?

The coverage (which is included in most auto insurance policies) is called “Supplementary Uninsured / Underinsured Coverage” or simply “SUM.”  The bare minimum is $25,000, but you can raise that amount to the same amount as your liability coverage.

So, for example, you have a $100,000 policy which protects you from lawsuits due to your own negligence.  That is a responsible amount of coverage.  However, if a driver hits you, leaves the scene of the accident without identifying themselves, you can seek compensation from your “SUM” coverage.  Insurance companies will not raise that SUM coverage to equal your $100,000 liability coverage unless you request it. You are stuck with $25,000 regardless of how seriously you are injured.

My advice to you is go out and raise your SUM coverage immediately! The cost is very little compared to the safety of you and your family!