An accident in which both parties claim to have a “green light” requires an aggressive investigation

Barring an incredible software glitch, a traffic signal can display a green light for only one set of drivers at a time.  However, it is common that following an intersection accident, both parties will (strangely enough) claim that they proceeded on a light in their favor.

Chaulk it up to misperception (at best), but without an independent witness (or witnesses), these cases are usually a 50/50 compromise.

A lawyer who represents a person in this situation needs to invest time, money, and resources to establish the truth.  He should retain the services of an experienced investigator (we use Stuart Schwartz, a retired NYPD Captain).

The investigator should return to the area as soons as possible to canvass the area for eyewitnesses.  If returning on the same day of the week and the same time frame, there is a possibility that a witness may emerge (e,g., humans are creatures of habit and leave school, work, etc at the same times usually).

Another possibility is that video surveillance may have captured the accident as it occurred. A survey of the area’s stores and commercial premises may be the best source of private video surveillance footage.

An injured person needs an attorney with experience  – the Law Offices of Charles DeStefano can assist you in you have been injured in an accident.

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