A very popular question from clients: “What is my case worth?”

Like fingerprints, no one case is alike.  Each case has a different set of facts that dictate the “value” of a person’s lawsuit.  With that in mind, the answer to that question is never alike.

The first factor to consider is the question of “liability.”  The question of “liability” (or “fault”) depends on a number of things.  For example, in a car accident, the first thing to examine is the points of impact.  If a client’s vehicle sustained damage to the rear of his vehicle and the other vehicle sustained damage to the front of his vehicle, the other vehicle is clearly at fault.  The same would apply to situations where vehicles cross double yellow lines, lose control of their vehicles, and pass red lights with independent witnesses.

On the topic of witnesses, a witness who provides an account favorable to the plaintiff and who is unrelated to a plaintiff (either through blood or friendship) and is listed on a Police Report usually helps the plaintiff prove the issue of “liability.” Video surveillance can also provide evidence to help prove that the other driver is at fault.  These are things that our law firm investigates as soon as possible following an accident.

The next question is “damages” which relates to the plaintiff’s injuries, pain and suffering, and economic loss.  We need to examine whether the injuries are related to the accident (as opposed to an old injury or a previous accident).  How much time did a client lose from work or school or other life activity? Did the client have surgery? Epidurals? Trigger Point injections?  Is the injury permanent? Does he client have a scar? Were there out-of-pocket expenses related to the accident?  Our law firm analyzes these questions and then attempts to either settle, mediate, arbitrate, or litigate (i.e., go to court).


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