“Motion for Summary Judgement” is a useful tool to help your client’s case

As a plaintiff’s lawyer, you must be aware of the benefits of making a Motion for Summary Judgement regarding liability and/or the question of “Serious Injury” in an automobile case.

You may streamline your case for your jury trial by eliminating the questions that are elementary.  Sparing the jury the task of deciding liability will give them more time to hone in on the issue of damages.  Also, if you can have the Court decide that your client’s injuries are “serious” as a matter of law, this is one less thing to prove to the jury.

Making the motion will also place you in a position to settle the matter (if you are successful on the motion).  Being able to settle a case (versus the time and money spent on a jury trial) clearly is to your client’s advantage.

Whether your case involves a slip and fall, automobile accident, construction accident, or accident of a general nature, always choose an attorney with experience and skills.  Contact Charle DeStefano, an attorney with 27 years of experience with a Staten Island office.

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