Maintaining concise records is essential to protecting the client

When you have a personal injury case, hopefully you have chosen a lawyer who maintains clear, concise, and orderly file.  It is imperative that your attorney is able to access information in order to do his job effectively.

In my law firm, I have complete access to all correspondence that is delivered to my firm regarding clients.  I personally review each letter and package that is delivered to my law firm.

That correspondence includes letters from insurance companies, other law firms, investigators, city agencies (e.g., NYPD, Parks Department, etc), as well as emails from all persons that write to us in connection with a client’s case.

Medical records, hospital records, medical test results, police reports, engineer’s reports, and other expert reports must be reviewed by your attorney before placing them in your file in the event there is an issue that needs to be addressed.

When an insurance adjuster contacts my firm, all of these records and items are things that I refer to when I am negotiating your case.

Additionally, when I am representing you in court, I am able to utilize all records when questioned by a judge or court attorney about your case. The Court often requests to know the type of treatment that you have received, how long you saw a doctor, your diagnosis, and your prognosis.  Your work information is also contained in the file and that, too, needs to be readily available to review.

My law firm is equipped to take care of your file and places a high priority on maintaining orderly files.