Wearing a motorcycle helmet is vital to saving your life in an accident

It is well know that the use of helmet is indispensable when riding a motorcycle, in fact it is the law in most states including the State of New York; however, despite that, there are many people decide not to use it.

This is very risky, as I said in previous blogs the motorcycle is a vehicle that does not offer the same protections that the driver of an automobile has, rather the motorcycle is a vehicle in which the driver is totally exposed to the external environment. Even steering or losing control is risky for a motorcyclist who can fall if he loses balance. The biggest risk in a fall is the blows to the head, as these blows can cause internal bruising or bleeding.

As I mentioned before, head injuries may not initially show the severity of the injury. Being the head the most delicate part of the body it is very important to protect it well, and the helmet is the only equipment on a motorcycle that can help us minimize risks of blows to the head in case of an accident.

The helmet is the most important safety equipment for a motorcycle, helmets save lives; with them the blow to the head during a fall or a crash could be absorbed. Not wearing a helmet increases the risk of death and serious head injury when riding a motorcycle.

Because of this, the helmet must be the most indispensable equipment when driving a motorcycle, which is incredible since even with all the risk that implies not using it, there are many drivers in the world that still won’t use it.

During an accident such as a collision, the driver of a motorcycle usually falls off the motorcycle, when he falls, it is very likely that his head strikes against another vehicle, object or against the floor. The injury occurs when the head hits an object or the floor.

As mentioned in the previous blog there may be brain injuries without having an external wound or any immediate symptom, so you must take into account the severity of such an injury. Avoid such hazards and wear a helmet whenever you drive a motorcycle.

Remember that the helmet can save your life so always use it,   Always request medical assistance after an accident and also contact an attorney at The Law Offices of Charles C. DeStefano with over 28 years of experience we can assist you With your case and resolve all your legal doubts in case of an accident. So do not hesitate to call 718-ABOGADO where we will gladly assist you 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

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