Medical proof is needed to substantiate a personal injury claim

If you have been injured in a car accident, bicycle accident, or slip and fall, trip and fall, etc.  in order for you to be compensated through the Courts you will need to have proof of your injury.  Generally, this proof is in the form of medical records, reports of objective testing, hospital records, etc.  Your attorney will need proof that can be used to substantiate your injury claims,

Attorneys who represent injured persons dread the phone call to a client who is asked “How are you feeling?” = and the client;s reply is “not well!” If a client has not been treating with a health care provider and is claiming an injury, unfortunately the client’s subjective complaints of pain and suffering are of limited value in a courtroom.

A good personal injury attorney will neither push nor pull, persuade or dissuade a client from seeking treatment.  However, if a client is suffering from pain, the attorney would be remiss in not advising the client to seek medical care.  The client needs to be reminded that their health is the number one priority *lawsuits are secondary.  But without proof of an injury, the attorney cannot do an effective job in seeking compensation for the client,