As in past blogs, today we will  discuss the safety of workers and the importance of  the employer and employees shared  responsibility.

While employers have an obligation to keep workers safe environment worker also has some responsibility to perform their work safely. It is important to train workers to perform their jobs in a secure and correct way.

OSHA(Occupational Safety and Health Administration) is a federal agency, which deals with developing guidelines and standards for workplace safety. Many workers have performed their  work  improperly and in an unsafe way jeopardizing the safety of their colleagues. For this reason it is important to train using OSHA standards.

Workers may benefit by learning safe ways to perform the work but also to know their rights as workers. OSHA instructs workers as to the safe ways of working, as well as to what are the rights of workers and employer obligations. For example, employers must provide the worker with the right equipment and the right protections in the work area. If a worker does not know this, he jeopardizes the safety of other workers. Employers provide protections the necessary equipment in the  work area; if it fails to do so,  it is incurring a violation of OSHA standards. The worker realizing these situations must report to OSHA agency, regardless of their legal status in the country. OSHA accepts allegations anonymously and it sends inspectors. If the inspectors find irregularities, it will  fine the employer for violations.

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