The Law Office of Charles C. DeStefano is a boutique personal injury practice located in Staten Island, New York. Our office serves all five boroughs of New York City and the Tri-State Area.

We are 21st Century lawyers with good, old-fashioned personal service – You are our client, not a file number!

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You can reach us 24 hours a day at 718-390-0580 

“718-A-B-O-G-A-D-O” es el numero del abogado que habla su idioma

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For over 30 years, we have been helping persons injured in accidents with our strategy:

  1. GUIDE our clients through the maze of insurance paperwork;
  2. INVESTIGATE all of the facts related to their accident, including taking witness statements, preserving evidence, filing the proper forms, contacting insurance companies;
  3. ARBITRATE, MEDIATE, NEGOTIATE in order to win on behalf of our clients;
  4. LITIGATE – FIGHT IN COURT – and ultimately presenting their case to a jury in order to win.

 A LAWYER NEEDS A PLAN  – and should be ready to discuss that with his clients – Ask us about the plan in YOUR case!

 You will be advised of our strategy and this is what makes us successful .

Isn’t it important to be able to speak directly with your lawyer?  Our firm is at your service and we understand the importance of communication.

Unlike larger firms, our staff gets to know our client’s on a first-name basis and understand the details of their case.

If you are looking for a ONE-ON-ONE LAWYER, please contact the Law Office of Charles C. DeStefano at 718-390-0580.

We can be reached 24 hours a day / 7 days a week via a Live Operator, and we certainly can accommodate you with a home or hospital visit if you are unable to come to our office.

New clients or urgent matters may call 718-390-0580 and asked to speak to the attorney immediately.

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